Criticism can only exist as a form of love.
        — Marcel Duchamp

Meredith Monk's Volcano Songs. Katherine Enos reviews Meredith Monk's November 8, 1997 performance at On The Boards in Seattle, Washington.
J. Carlsson's Art that Fucks with You takes aim at predigested art and hero worship. This first column, "Spectacle, Virtuosity and the Easy Road of the Opera House Esthetic," focuses on the dance performance of Japanese butoh troupe H•Art•Chaos. Also in this column,the dance of Minh Tran and Sheri Cohen.
The Moving Body: A Brief History. J. Carlsson explores the cultural origins of burlesque and modern dance.
Seattle's Dappin' Butoh Founder, Joan Laage. D.K. Pan visits with Laage as she elaborates on the slippery fish that is Butoh.
No Intermission in the Nightmare. D.K. Pan reviews the March 1997 peformance of Dappin' Butoh's Sidewinder.
Roy Lichtenstein, 1970-1980. J. Carlsson's review of Lichtenstein's 1982 Retrospective at the Seattle Art Museum.
Surrealism & Cinema. Discussion by Katherine Enos.
Review and Discussion of Photographer Jim Goldberg's Nursing Home Series by Katherine Enos.
Discussion of the Alain Resnais film, Hiroshima Mon Amour by Katherine Enos
the slippery fish that is


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