Grain is My Medium
is a collection of arts websites and serves as a common entrance to them. Studio Mecanique, devoted to experimental film, features an Oxberry Filmaker animation stand. Among many things, Barry Kapke was a photographer. The Photography of Barry Kapke collects his 35mm photography. Arterial Spray Glass Company makes kiln-formed glass work, most of it functional art. pomegranates, 1997 to 1999, was a webzine of arts and culture. Long live pomegranates!

This collection of websites is named for what Barry once said to me in 1986 or so, when I asked him what he thought of discernable grain in photography. His response, simple and cutting through to the heart of the matter, was characteristic of his wisdom: "Grain is your medium." It was the response of an artist, a structuralist, who completely accepted the nature of his medium.
— Katherine Enos

Photograph from a cemetery

Copyright © 1985 Barry Kapke

Photograph of a sunflower

Copyright © 2009 Katherine Enos