pomegranates welcomes submissions. Our interests are fairly broad-based, cutting across the arts and social, cultural and political realms. We don't believe in strict length limitations on articles. If the writing is good, and the subject matter interesting, that's the kind of content we'd like to offer readers.

More particularly, we're interested in articles of a social/political bent. If you've got a pet peeve or a social conscience and can back it up with facts and good writing, we'd like to see your work.

We're also interested in building a repository of arts criticism in the Critique department. Reprints are definitely okay here — our interest is solely in amassing a library of criticism that netizens can refer to, for example, to track the evolution of a certain performer or arts movement through the last ten years. Criticism of social/cultural trends would also be great.

Personal narratives are welcome. Here we're concerned with how interesting your story is and how you present it.

Ministories are a favorite at pomegranates and if you have suitable very, very short stories (under 200 words peferred), we'd love to see them. See what's on the Home page for a sample if you're not sure what we mean.

For those interested in submitting art work to Frame, we're primarily interested in film, photography, performance and other more modern or experimental arts. When possible, please write us with a reference to an existing website, or, if you know how, send us a jpeg or gif image as a sample. If you'd like to submit slides, video or audio, drop us a line. Right now, we're mainly interested in providing space for performance artists, photographers, experimental and documentary filmmakers, animators, and sound collagists.

Are you a designer looking for a site to do some interesting portfolio pieces on? Write us. pomegranates is growing and a good environment for experimental or design-conscious work. We are increasingly interested in finding designers to work with specific articles or short fiction pieces. Alternatively, if you have a specific idea or have a piece already created, pomegranates is a good place for your work to be seen.

We hope to be able to pay for written content in the future but we currently have no funding, so your payment will be a link to your site or e-mail, and the knowledge that you've donated your work to a quality site focused on delivering interesting, high-quality content. Yes, we must admit it, payment or not, we're very picky about what we publish.

pomegranates has a very small staff, so it may take a little while for us to handle your submission. Please allow two weeks for processing.*


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